Lotus Westfield Super Seven

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What do you need to drive a car?
Four wheels, a steering wheel, four brakes with a good grip, a crisp gear and enough power to drive. Simple as that!

In this fine sports car 80 PS meet 500 kilograms. A really powerful and tempting combination for every passionate driver. Enjoy pure old-school driving without modern aids and tools. The powerful Ford Kent engine with its Weber carburettors reacts quick and smooth to throttle inputs. Go-Kart Feeling included.

Since 1991 this little Westfield Lotus Super SevenReplika had three previous owners in Germany, who only added a total of 18,600 miles. Now it’s your turn!
Visually and technically absolutely perfect, a complete service check-up with new tires has just been made.
The specified kilometers are miles and read but absolutely plausible.

We sell this car on a commission basis.