About movisti

For many years now classic and rare cars hold a special fascination for car enthusiasts all over the world. While some of these cars will remain a dream, others became affordable with time.

Thanks to a tight network of clubs, garages, distributors of spare parts and other aficionados some models became not only accessible but also restorable and thus ready for use.

Especially fascinating are the oddities of the heyday of car manufacturing, vehicles with a unique technical or optical extravaganza, like some of those shown in our showroom.

movisti.de is mainly a place for those who love classic cars and want to see them on the road again. And this is clearly reflected in our selection of automobiles: Our vehicles might not always be ready for a Concours competition, but are sturdy, suitable for every day use and can be bought for a reasonable price. For exciting and carefree moments on the road, our vehicles will always be delivered after a full technical check-up, an overhaul of defect components and come with a current TÜV and H certificate.

This effort will be taken into consideration in our pricing, but you will get a versatile old- or youngtimer that – if maintained accordingly – will be a true pleasure to use for many years to come.

movisti.de sells and brokers vehicles and services in the old- and youngtimer section. We assist in finding spare parts, suitable and fair garages, we broker car restaurations and many more.

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